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What are the common types of loose beads?
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What are the common types of loose beads?

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Smart consumers are those who understand the market and products. Consumers should understand the types of loose beads before buying pearls. So, what are the common types of loose beads?

The following is the outline:

1. What are the common types of loose beads?

2. Why should we understand the types of loose beads?

3. How to choose the right type of loose beads?

What are the common types of loose beads?

1. Edison pearls. This is a relatively common freshwater cultured pearl. Unlike most pearls, this is a nucleated pearl. Therefore, Edison pearls are generally very round and smooth. In addition, through artificial cultivation, Edison pearls can show different colors.

2. Coin pearls. The shape of this pearl is similar to a coin, hence its name. This kind of pearl has a unique shape. Jewelry designers who are good at design can use this pearl to make very beautiful pearl jewelry.

3. Baroque. Baroque is what we often call irregular pearls. Among irregular pearls, there are squares, rectangles and special shapes. Consumers can purchase them according to their own needs.

Why should we understand the types of loose beads?

1. Adapt to the personal style of consumers. Just as everyone in the world is different, there are no two identical pearls in the world. Therefore, consumers should choose suitable pearls according to their external image and personality characteristics.

2. Provide more choices. It is impossible for a person to make money from a channel that he did not realize, and similarly, it is impossible for a consumer to buy a product that he does not know. Therefore, if consumers want to make smart consumption decisions, they should have an understanding of various products in advance.

How to choose the right type of loose beads?

1. Make a price budget in advance. There is a saying in China that soldiers and horses do not move food and grass first. Therefore, consumers who prepare their consumption budgets in advance can make the most suitable consumption decisions in the shortest practical terms.

2. Know your style preferences. Due to differences in growth environment and individual factors, each consumer has his or her ideal pearl preference. Consumers can better choose products by understanding their style preferences.

3. Choose according to the purpose of use. Special-shaped pearls are suitable for unique jewelry making, and round pearls are suitable for serious occasions. Consumers can choose different pearls according to their purpose and occasions.

In short, the common types of loose beads include round pearls, coin-shaped pearls and special-shaped pearls. Different types of pearls correspond to different temperament styles. It is worthwhile for consumers to spend a certain amount of time and energy to choose suitable pearls. Zhangjiagang City Daking Jewellery Co., Ltd. is a Chinese enterprise that has been producing pearls for many years. I believe we can provide satisfactory services.



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