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Daking is China top supplier of irregular baroque pearls. We also supply loose pearl jewellery, drilled biwa pearl, irregular pearl button, irregular pearls coin, random irregular pearls button, irregular keshi pearl, polyester-nylon thread, shell button beads.


Daking has been unceasingly striving to provide the best for our clients and we have successfully established a long business relationship with many of them since we first started to work together. We promise you the first-rate irregular pearl beads and will do our best to serve each and every one of your demands.



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Irregular Pearl Beads Factory In China

Daking Jewellery's factory is the largest irregular pearl beads factory in china, and we make some of worlds best irregular pearls beads. These are beautiful baroque rondelle cultured pearls with an adjustable 8mm hole, great for the larger pearl bead projects useing dowels to create hoop earrings, long strand necklaces and bracelets.

DAKING-Loose Pearl Factory

Rich in trace elements
Pearl is an organic gemstone, the main component is calcium carbonate, and contains a certain amount of water. The pearl component also contains a small amount of keratin, a variety of amino acids and dozens of trace elements. Among them, selenium is a rare anti-cancer and anti-cancer. Aging material.

Rich types of pearls
Daking is big enough for you to get custom made biwa pearls in different shapes and sizes. The rich varieties of Chinese cultured pearls in our company give you an unusually large selection of gorgeous pearls, such as top drilled Biwa Pearls, Acoya pearls.The Loose Pearl is single bead, not be made into pearl strand or Pearl Jewelry. The pearl itself is no hole, it can be used for decoration or inlay. More use is for drilled the half hole to make the Earrings or pendant, or drilled the two hole to make into the pearl strand or finished jewelry.

  • When treating every china baroque loose beads, we must handle it with care to avoid collision and friction.
  • Keep top drilled biwa pearls away from acidic and alkaline solutions, such as cosmetics and perfumes.
  • The pearl should be insulated from the heat source and do not expose the pearl to the sun.
  • We should always check the pearl strings to avoid loose threads and beads falling off.
  • Be careful to isolate the pearl from moisture to prevent the pearl from turning yellow and dark.
  • After wearing, wipe the surface of the pearl gently with a soft towel to keep the pearl necklace clean.
  • When we clean pearls, we must pay attention to using professional cleaners.
  • Our pearls jewelry should be stored separately from other jewelry.

Top Drilled Pearls Factory

Daking Jewellery Co. Ltd is one of leading pearl jewellery company in China. We provide the best quality DMC-sized drilled biwa pearls to all of you at competitive price. Daking Products Including China top drilled Biwa Pearls, China top drilled Acoya pearls, China top drilled Tahiti pearls, Freshwater pearls, Cultured Pearls with no pearl essence and natural diamonds in silver settings.

As a professional irregular pearl beads factory. We have been involved in producing irregular style drops & beaded strands for many years. Our loose pearl beads are well-known by their good quality. Our principle is "high quality, different price, fast lead time, good after-sale service". We are looking forward to working with you.
Other Information About Loose Beads
Our company has the perfect combination of quality pearls and quality service towards our customers. Also we can meet all customer needs for irregular pearl beads.
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