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Freshwater Pearl Care

 Freshwater pearls are cultured from freshwater pearl oysters of Hyriopsis cumingii. It mainly lives in the Long River and its tributary in China.It is round, elliptical, button, drop and irregular shape.The color is white, pink, pinkish, lilac and orange. In addition, we also have a more unique irregular ripple freshwater pearl.

Pearl is a kind of organic gemstone, it is alive, the main component is calcium carbonate, and contains a certain amount of water, pearl components also contain a small amount of keratin, a variety of amino acids and dozens of trace elements, among which selenium is a rare anti-cancer and anti-aging material, but the performance of pearl is unstable, the hardness is low(2.5 ~ 4.5). Therefore, for large hole single freshwater peal, we must pay more attention to the maintenance of the pearl to maintain the original luster. DAKING is a China top pearl strand factory.

Care of Freshwater Pearls

Handle gently to avoid collision and friction.

 Keep away from acidic and basic solution such as cosmetics and perfume.

Isolate the heat source, prevent the pearl from being exposed to the sun.

Check frequently to avoid to the thread loosing and beads falling.

Isolate the water to avoid the pearl turn yellow and dim.

After wearing, use a soft towel to wipe the surface of pearls lightly to keep it clean

When cleaning the pearls, use the professional detergent for it.

Store and separate the pearls from other jewelry.

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