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The choice of higher performance-price ratio -- Freshwater Edison pearl
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The choice of higher performance-price ratio -- Freshwater Edison pearl

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China, as the largest pearl producer in the world, our country has developed the world's top freshwater pearl and the only freshwater pearl comparable to seawater pearl - Edison pearl. The successful launch of Edison's pearl in 2011 shocked the world's jewelry industry like an earthquake and created a miracle in the pearl industry. A related article was published on the front page of the New York Times in that year, and described Edison Pearl as "turning the impossible into reality".


Why is it called Edison Pearl? Mr. Edison has more than 2000 inventions in his life, but he once said that "there are only two things in the world that I can't make in the laboratory, that is diamonds and pearls". Nowadays, synthetic diamonds have been successfully made and pearls have been successfully cultured. In order to "make up" for Edison's regret, this new variety was named Edison Pearl.


Why is Edison pearl so big?

The diameter of Edison pearls is more than 11mm. This is directly related to its cultivation method, because Edison's pearls are cultured in a nucleated way. Like the cultivation method of seawater pearls, the pearls themselves will have a nucleus inside, so its size will be larger and its shape will be more round. Generally, it takes three years and five years to cultivate freshwater nuclear-free pearls. Edison pearls have nuclei. If they are cultured for the same time or even longer, they will naturally grow larger.


Is the color of Edison's pearl natural?

Let's enjoy the color of Edison's pearl first.


How to choose Edison pearls?

1. Gloss

The most obvious difference between pearls and other gems and jades is its unique pearl luster. Pearl luster is also strong or weak. Good pearl luster is that you can feel the reflected light is strong and uniform, and the surface of the pearl is like a mirror, and the reflection of the portrait is clear. The weak pearl luster is dim, and the image is also blurred.


2. Size

The larger the pearl grows, the more time and energy it needs to breed, and the greater the corresponding risk. So large pearls are rare. The rarest thing is precious, and the larger the natural pearl of the same quality, the more valuable it is. Edison pearls are nucleated pearls. Generally, the grain size on the market is more than 9mm, which is very suitable for friends who like large grain size.


3. Shape Defect

As the name implies, the defect is the irregularity and smoothness of the pearl, which hinders the beauty. General pearls have more or less defects, such as dents, nicks, scratches, etc. Of course, the fewer the defects, the better. If the surface is smooth and it is extremely difficult to observe the surface defects, it is flawless and belongs to "high quality" pearls.



We are a pearl manufacturer factory in China, we have our own pearl farm. We have many different types of pearls, colors and sizes. If you are interested, you can contact us.



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