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Which baroque pearls have you seen?
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Which baroque pearls have you seen?

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Baroque pearl refers to pearl with irregular shape. Baroque originated from Portuguese. It means not round pearls. It originally refers to pearls with strange shapes. Later, it developed into an artistic style, pursuing an irregular form. The Baroque style took the spirit of romanticism as the form, and the anti-classicism seriousness and formality, pursuing a natural, casual, luxurious, exaggerated and irregular arrangement.

baroque pearl

Baroque pearls are divided into seawater baroque pearls and freshwater baroque pearls. Baroque is generally divided into nucleated baroque according to whether there is a nucleus, and non-nucleated baroque is Keshi pearl. The nucleated baroque has a plump shape and can see the typical nucleus shape. The nuclear-free baroque has a flat shape and small size, without a plump shape and regular shape. However, the luster is extremely strong, with color, rich halo color, rich and gorgeous.

keshi pearl

For many years, people have paid more attention to the roundness of pearls in the evaluation of pearls, while most freshwater pearls are nuclear-free cultured, and a large number of partial round and long oval pearls are produced, which makes the price of pearls unabated.

Through the practice and innovation of breeding technology, various new types of special-shaped pearls have appeared on the market.

baroque pearl

In addition to the common freshwater baroque, there are also several kinds of baroque pearls on the market:

1,Nuclear-free cultivation of special-shaped pearls

Toothpick pearl, cross shape pearl etc.

toothpick pearlToothpick pearl

Cross pearlCross shape pearl

2, Nucleated cultured new pearl

Drop shape pearl, coin shape pearl etc.

drop shape pearlDrop shape pearl

coin pearlCoin pearl

rectangle pearlRectangle pearl

3, Keshi pearl

Keshi pearls refer to the pearls harvested for the second time. When harvesting pearls, pearl mussels are also implanted with small pieces or nuclei of mantle membrane, and the epidermal cells on the original pearl sac re-secret nacreous to form pearls.

keshi pearl

keshi pearl

We can use the different baroque pearls to make into the fine jewelry, if you have interest, please contact us. 

baroque pearl




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