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How to choose the right jewelry type?
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How to choose the right jewelry type?

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Different people have different appearances, temperament characteristics, and suitable jewelry types. So, how to choose the right jewelry type?

The following is the outline:

1. What should be paid attention to when choosing jewelry type?

2. Why not blindly follow suit?

3. How to choose the jewelry type that suits you?

What should I pay attention to when choosing jewelry types?

1. According to different occasions. Different occasions are suitable for different temperament jewelry. Red carpets and banquets are of course the more gorgeous, the better, but it is suitable for daily shopping, and more suitable for casual occasions.

2. Match according to professional status. Actors, anchors, and other industries that need to pay attention to their own image, exquisite, dignified and elegant jewelry can be controlled. Generally, business white-collar workers can choose their favorite accessories if the company does not make other requirements, but it is more appropriate to be simple and elegant.

3. According to stature characteristics. The pear-shaped body has a wider leg and crotch. Therefore, the jewelry should be used to transfer the visual center to the upper body. At this time, a clavicle chain or brighter earrings are suitable.

Why not blindly follow suit?

1. The marketing account advertises. Advertising is now pervasive. The so-called social media consultation and sharing you see may be operated by writers from professional advertising agencies. Therefore, do not lightly believe the so-called planting recommendations.

2. What is suitable for others may not be suitable for you. Even if you really read the experience sharing of the same user as the user, but you are different from others in body shape and temperament, each flower has its own beauty, and you may not be suitable for it.

3. Consumerism is inflated. The 21st century is not as relaxed as scientists expected. The need for entertainment consumption has made the entire era faster and faster, and everyone's value seems to be replaced.

How to choose the jewelry type that suits you?

1. Make a good consumption budget. How much capacity and how much land to buy. Exceeding one's own consumption level can only bring relatively short-term happiness, and the taste of debt is uncomfortable. Therefore, it is necessary to make a rough budget in advance and buy the jewelry you like more efficiently and quickly.

2. Based on the evaluation of others. Seeing for yourself, too many other factors are often involved. It's better to bring a friend for reference, you can know the three-dimensional effect, and I believe your friend can help you.

3. According to your own preferences. You deserve to be loved, so be nice to yourself and respect your preferences and emotions. As long as you like it, it doesn't matter if it is inappropriate.

In short, different types of jewelry are suitable for different groups of people. Choosing the right jewelry requires a correct evaluation of yourself in many aspects. Zhangjiagang City Daking Jewellery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in pearl cultivation, production, design and export. For suitable jewelry types, please come here to find them. In addition, there are many types of our Finished Jewelry, such as Pearl NecklaceBeaded Bracelet, etc.



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