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Who are the different jewelry types suitable for?
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Who are the different jewelry types suitable for?

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The crowd is divided into age, body shape, occupation, different people are also suitable for different jewelry types. So, how to judge what jewelry type is suitable for the crowd?

The following is the outline:

1. What are the factors that divide the population?

2. How to judge what jewelry type is suitable for the crowd?

3. How to find out if you belong to the social type?

What are the factors that divide the population?

1. Age factor. People of different ages are suitable for different jewelry types. Generally speaking, young campus teenagers are suitable for jewelry with visual impacts, such as long pearls and special-shaped baroque. The elderly, middle-aged and elderly people are more suitable for large round pearls, which look rich and elegant.

2. Occupational factors. Many professions have a fixed dress code for work. For banks and civil servants, they can only wear relatively dignified and simple earrings. And freelancers have a much wider choice of accessories.

3. economic factors. It's not that you can't buy luxury accessories if you have poor financial ability. It means that the economy will affect the choice of brands and materials. Of course, accessories are not the more expensive the better, the best for you,

How to judge what jewelry type is suitable for the crowd?

1. According to your own mentality. Age can be divided into physical age and psychological age. Some people can handle a dignified single round pearl even when they are young and old. Some older people have a young mentality and can also accept Baroque with rich colors and peculiar shapes.

2. According to your body type. Body shape includes the middle body shape, apple, pear or S shape. Also correctly evaluate your face shape, including square face, round face, heart-shaped face, etc. The correct understanding of body shape and face shape can help us quickly find suitable jewelry.

3. According to your own outfit. All details serve and the whole. Therefore, different outfits require different styles and different jewelry types.

How to find out what type you are?

1. Determine the appearance type according to the network information comparison table. Many people don't know what type of body and face they belong to. You can judge your body shape through the comparison of the measurements on the Internet, or you can determine your face shape through the three courts and five eyes.

2. Judge the psychology and personality based on psychological tests. You can know your own psychological age and personality characteristics by doing tests conducted by professional institutions on the Internet. In this way, you can find the correct jewelry type faster.

3. According to your preference. When you are particularly fond of a certain type of person, you can also make yourself close to them by imitating.

In short, people with different personalities, appearances, psychology, and costumes have different jewelry types needs, and they must carefully choose according to their own characteristics. Zhangjiagang City Daking Jewellery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in pearl cultivation, production, design and export. If you have related needs, welcome to consult.



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