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Where can I buy DIY beads?
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Where can I buy DIY beads?

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After tiring work, spending some time quietly doing some crafts that you like has always been a thing that many people like. So, where can I buy DIY beads?

The following is the outline:

1. Where can I buy DIY beads?

2. What should I pay attention to when buying DIY beads?

3. How to choose the right DIY beads?

Where can I buy DIY beads?

1. Offline jewelry store. Some offline jewelry stores or department stores also have beads that can be purchased. Such beads generally do not have detailed dimensions and materials. Only through visual size comparison and tactile feeling. But this is more intuitive, you can choose the material you are satisfied with.

2. Processing factory orders. Buying loose beads from a pearl farming factory is the most high-quality and low-cost option. You can get all kinds of genuine pearls at the price of the online store. After paying a certain processing fee, you can also help pearl punches.

What should I pay attention to when buying DIY beads?

1. Choose a smooth surface. Whether it is a round and beautiful freshwater white pearl or a colorful baroque pearl, good quality products have a smooth surface. Those surfaces that have a lot of flutes or raised grooves, the quality is relatively low. But if it is modified by hand, it can also be turned into a handicraft.

2. Choose a farm you are familiar with. There are too many fake pearls on the market, so it is the best choice to buy directly from the pearl farm you know. If you do not have a familiar farm, you must also choose a bead company with a real factory site to buy it.

3. Choose original ecological pearls. The original ecology here is relative to the later artificial chemical processing. Both wild-grown pearls and artificially cultivated pearls are produced in clam shells. However, industrial fake pearls add a lot of additives, which is not conducive to human health.

How to choose the right DIY beads?

1. Know your purpose. Generally speaking, the beads used for making bracelets are smaller than the beads used for necklaces. Beads used as necklaces are the most exquisite and noble. Some strange beads can also shine on dolls, handbags and other items.

2. Choose according to the target price. The shapes and styles of pearls are different, and the prices are also very different. Knowing your price expectations in advance can speed up efficiency when purchasing pearl beads. In this way, the most suitable beads can be selected.

3. Follow your own heart. This kind of jewelry will accompany you for a long period of time. Therefore, whether it is the style and color of the beads, you should put your own collocation preference first.

In short, DIY beads can be purchased online and offline, but you must choose a place that you know has a real breeding ground. Zhangjiagang City Daking Jewellery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in pearl cultivation, production, design and export. If necessary, welcome to visit.



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