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What should I pay attention to when pearl strand wholesale?
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What should I pay attention to when pearl strand wholesale?

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For fashion practitioners who need pearl chains for decoration and those who use pearls for teaching jewelry design, pearl wholesale is very common. So, what should be paid attention to when wholesale of pearl strands?

The following is the outline:

What are the advantages of pearl strand wholesale?

What should I pay attention to when pearl strand wholesale?

How to choose a pearl strand wholesaler?


What are the advantages of pearl strand wholesale?

Affordable. This is the most important reason for choosing pearl chain wholesale. In the sales of merchants, most of them follow the principle that the more the number of sales, the lower the unit price of pearl chains. It is even possible to unite several buyers with the same needs for wholesale, so that you can talk about lower wholesale prices.

easy and convenient. If there is a large demand for pearl chains, the first choice is of course to buy through wholesale. In this way, the people responsible for purchasing will be less on the go, and the efficiency of purchasing will also be improved.

Quality is controllable. Because they are purchased from the same pearl farmer, the quality of the pearls is relatively consistent. Even if you encounter inferior products, there is a place for after-sales claims.


What should I pay attention to when pearl strand wholesale?

Look for a trusted pearl farmer. Not all wholesalers have physical pearl farming. Therefore, direct contact with pearl farmers can reduce unnecessary intermediary costs and cooperation will be more intimate.

Field visit to the breeding site. The Internet is just a platform for viewing the outside world. The information on pearl wholesale on the Internet is complicated, and information screening and filtering require a pair of insights. Therefore, the simplest and most straightforward way is to visit the breeding site on the spot, so that the credibility of the wholesaler can be determined.

Follow the user experience on social media. The word-of-mouth of wholesalers is not reflected in the possibility of fraudulent product reviews, but in the comments of users on social media.


How to choose a pearl strand wholesaler?

Preference is given to those with breeding sites. Taking goods from the origin of pearls is similar to buying seafood from the seafood market, so that quality and efficiency can be truly guaranteed. At the same time, people with breeding experience are more experienced in selecting pearls, and the quality is strictly controlled.

Choose a store with a high rating. The offline physical stores have the review ratings of the industrial and commercial departments, the market-related pearl merchants have various lists, and the Amazon online stores have store levels. These are all criteria for judging pearl strand wholesalers.

up to you. Humans are emotional animals, so in the process of communicating with wholesale staff, if the other person’s personal charm fascinates you, you can also choose.


In short, pearl strand wholesale also has skills and attention points, and needs to learn more. Zhangjiagang City Daking Jewellery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in pearl cultivation, production, design and export. If you have more doubts about the pearl chain, please feel free to contact us.



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