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What is the symbolic meaning of DIY beads?
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What is the symbolic meaning of DIY beads?

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What is the symbolic meaning of DIY beads?

The words are endless but the meaning is endless, so the image is created to achieve the full meaning. DIY beads are not just a part of unfinished jewelry, it has its own unique meaning. So, what is the symbolic meaning of DIY beads?

The following is the outline:

1. Why do DIY beads have different meanings?

2. What is the meaning of DIY bead jewelry?

3. How to make DIY bead jewelry that conveys your heart?


Why do DIY beads have different meanings?

1. The shape of the beads is different. DIY beads are not only round pearls, but also gems, rhinestones and other things. Different forms have different meanings. For example, the baroque beads in the shape of a butterfly symbolize the emergence of a butterfly from a cocoon, and children can have colorful childhood, which is suitable for sending children as a blessing.

2. The colors of the beads are different. Color psychology believes that people have different fixed impressions of different colors. For example, blue represents calm and melancholy, green represents the feeling of a vibrant forest, white represents purity and virtue, and black represents mystery and dignity. This is why a single black pearl can be sold at a sky-high price of millions.

3. The number of beads is different. Just like the same roses, different flower numbers represent different flower languages. On Valentine's Day, 9 roses are more popular.


What is the meaning of DIY bead jewelry?

1. Hand-made, it means to put the mind into the handwork. Those who receive the handwork can also feel the deep feelings contained in it. The second button in the Korean drama is an important token, because it is close to the heart, it represents the beloved. In this way, coin-shaped coin pearls can also convey the same meaning.

2. Tell ancient allusions. I like to use the past to satirize the present in poems, so allusions are very important. In the process of making DIY ornaments, the processor can complete the transmission of meaning through the things that happened before by himself and others, and have a common meaning space.


How to make DIY bead jewelry that conveys your heart?

1. Incorporate into specific situations. Kawabata Yasunari's beautiful moonlight tonight has become a classic expression of love. Therefore, if you want to tell the love of companionship, you can use moon-shaped pearl jewelry. Jiangnan can pick lotus, lotus leaf He Tiantian. Lotus can convey pure and flawless lovesickness.

2. Incorporate into idioms and idioms. In China, it is described that a man and a woman love each other. It can be said that the pig has eaten the Chinese cabbage, and the toad wants to eat swan meat. The four images here can all serve as proofs of conveying love.

3. Incorporate into the film and television bridge segment. Classic film and television works are the collective memory of a generation. Therefore, the language of film and television can also be used to convey love.


In short, DIY beads have their own unique connotations. Different craftsmanship and meaning will lead to different works. Zhangjiagang City Daking Jewellery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in pearl cultivation, production, design and export. For more questions about the specific meaning, please feel free to ask.



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