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What accessories can be made with DIY beads?
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What accessories can be made with DIY beads?

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It is more meaningful to design and make jewelry with DIY beads instead of directly buying finished pearl jewelry that has been designed and made. So, what accessories can be made with DIY beads?

The following is an outline;

1. What accessories can be made with DIY beads?

2. How to choose DIY beads?

3. How to design DIY bead jewelry?

What accessories can be made with DIY beads?

1. Beaded Bracelet. The bracelet is the most noticeable place for the wearer, not only for others to appreciate, but also for oneself to watch. The bracelet does not need very expensive materials, and the simple pearl bracelet also has a strong retro pastoral style.

2. Headwear. Many social media bloggers post videos claiming that they will be treated differently with different hair colors, which shows that the hair that occupies the center of the eye can have a great impact on the overall image. Therefore, a pearl headdress is also very suitable for DIY.

3. Pearl Necklace. Including a long sweater chain and clavicle chain. When making a necklace, you need to design a bright spot for it. This bright spot can be a combination of multiple small pearls, or a single unique pearl.

How to choose DIY beads?

1. Make reasonable use of pearl styling. Different pearls have different external shapes. Pearls are mainly spherical, coin-shaped, elongated, and irregular. Different shapes and characteristics also have different temperament styles. The spherical shape is gentle and elegant, the coin shape is straightforward, the slender shape is graceful and beautiful, and the heterogeneous shape is unique.

2. Design the overall shape reasonably. A qualified DIY bead design work must have an independent and complete overall shape. Taking the common swan shape as an example, the designer can use pearls and silver jewelry to complete the pearl shape, or use baroque pearls that resemble a swan for a little decoration.

3. The materials used are moderate. Some people like pearls too much, so they use a lot of pearls to form jewelry, which not only has no bright spots, but is also tackier. The so-called too much is not enough, too many raw materials and too few raw materials, can not complete jewelry.

How to design DIY bead jewelry?

1. Consider in advance. There is an idiom called the chest has become a bamboo, which means that you already have the outline of the beads in your heart, so when you draw with the brush, it is like seeing it in the bamboo forest. So, think about what you want to design in advance.

2. Draw up design drawings. You can start with a sketch, and then continue to modify it into a design drawing. The design drawing does not need to be too delicate, as long as you can understand the general meaning. You can use any tools such as make-up, watercolor, color lead, etc., as long as you find it convenient.

In short, DIY beads can make many kinds of jewelry, which requires you to explore and learn by yourself. Zhangjiagang City Daking Jewellery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in pearl cultivation, production, design and export. For questions about DIY beads, please feel free to ask.



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