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How to make a pearl strand?
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How to make a pearl strand?

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Many people think that the production of pearl chains is to string pearls together, but this is actually too one-sided. So, how should a pearl chain be made?

The following is the outline:

1. How to make a pearl strand?

2. What should I pay attention to when making pearl strands?

3. How to make your own pearl strand?


How to make a pearl strand?

1. Prepare to loose beads. A single pearl is a necessary material for making DIY jewelry designs. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase a sufficient quantity and style of pearls first. You can go to the place of origin to buy the pearls, which are better in quality and at a lower price.

2. Prepare the design draft. Pearls are sold everywhere, but excellent and beautiful pearl strands are rare. Therefore, this illustrates the importance of pearl design drafts. Sun Tzu's Art of War requires not to fight unprepared battles. Therefore, in order to think about the theme and details of the design, it is best to present it in the form of a manuscript.

3. Prepare a suitable chain. There are many materials for the chain. Common materials include various metals, plastics, mesh and so on. Choose different styles of chains according to the material of the pearl chain you need.


What should I pay attention to when making pearl strands?

1. Find a dedicated workbench. The most taboo accessories to make this kind of sophisticated jewelry are missing. Therefore, a dedicated platform and storage mechanism are required to ensure more efficient production.

2. Learn specialized craftsmanship. The production of pearl chains is not a simple string of beads. Metal chains sometimes require tools to install. Therefore, it is very necessary to learn and understand the relevant installation and production process beforehand.

3. Arrange specialized personnel. Whether this person is you or anyone else, you must have a full-time person. Only by doing one thing for a period of time can it be completed quickly and well.


How to make your own pearl chain?

1. Incorporate into your design style. Many famous designers have unique anti-counterfeiting signs on their masterpieces, such as name logos, sun patterns, etc. Therefore, set a pattern that represents you and incorporates a unique meaning.

2. Incorporate into your memories. A person’s life is limited, but it can produce eternal meaning. Therefore, you will produce works with stories, and you can share your stories with others.

3. Hand-made. A lot of so-called unique things, the unique is neither the material nor the shape, but the production process itself. Therefore, making pearl strands by hand can give you a unique accessory.


In short, there are many things to pay attention to when making pearl strands, and there are also many things to learn, which are not as simple as you think. Zhangjiagang City Daking Jewellery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in pearl cultivation, production, design and export. If you have any doubts about the pearl chain, welcome to consult.



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