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How to make a DIY bead bracelet?
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How to make a DIY bead bracelet?

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The pace of modern life is fast, so it is very important to have a leisure activity that you like to relax your body and mind. So, how to make a DIY bead bracelet?

The following is the outline:

1. What are the raw materials needed for DIY bead bracelets?

2. How to make a DIY bead bracelet?

3. How to display the made DIY bead bracelet?

What are the raw materials needed for DIY bead bracelets?

1. Bead. These kinds of beads that can be made by yourself are usually small pearls or other plastic beads. The price is relatively cheap, the style is rich, the variety is complete, can meet the basic design needs.

2. Lines of various materials. If you want to make durable jewelry, you can choose to use cowhide rope or nylon rope. If you want to take a refined and elegant route, platinum or silver wristbands are more suitable. The gold material is suitable for making luxurious handmade jewelry.

3. A smart brain and a pair of dexterous hands. Handmade works most test the designer's design creativity and the ability to transform creativity into reality. Of course, if you only have one of the talents, you don't have to be discouraged, you can invite friends to make it together.

How to make a DIY bead bracelet?

1. Read extensively and give priority to handmade works for inspiration. Graphic designers generally choose to read excellent works on some websites such as Petal and Zicuo to get their own design inspiration. Therefore, DIY craftsmanship also needs to watch the wonderful works of the Great God on social media to improve their aesthetic level.

2. Learn basic design knowledge. Many novice craftsmen like to get a bag of beads and design at will. In fact, unless they have a strong talent, the general finished product is not very satisfactory. After learning basic hue, light and dark contrast, light and shadow skills, you will make better works.

3. Let your imagination run wild. The gold foil mask of Sanxingdui is still shining thousands of years later, and it is inseparable from its exquisite production ideas and craftsmanship. Therefore, when making bead jewelry, be bold in imagination and be careful to verify.

How to display the made DIY bead bracelet?

1. Upload to social media. Social media can choose the subject category of the video and set relevant keywords for it. In general, life and creativity are two important keywords.

3. Filming a buyer's show. You can also put your own bead products in the evaluation area of the seller who bought the beads.

In short, making DIY bead bracelets is not that difficult, but you also need to learn a certain design knowledge. Zhangjiagang City Daking Jewellery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in pearl cultivation, production, design and export. If you need beads that can be designed and made by yourself, you can come to us.

In addition, we also provide Pearl strand, Loose pearl and so on.



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